How to Get a Diamond Appraisal in NYC

by | Dec 24, 2015 | Business

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Discovering how much money your diamond jewelry item is worth can be very exciting. Perhaps you are interested in getting it insured, or you need to sell it. You may be interested in the worth to decide if you should borrow money against it. Regardless of the reason, one thing is for sure: you don’t want to trust this type of expertise to just anyone. You want to take your time to find someone with a very good reputation in this type of business. It will help you to get accurate information.

Certified Appraiser

When it comes to diamond appraisal in NYC, take your items to a place you can trust. They should be a provider of jewelry services that spans many years or even decades. They should be certified as an appraiser, which verifies they have a specific set of skills that extends beyond just selling diamond jewelry. They are able to take a given diamond into consideration based on the size, cut, and clarity of it.

There is a cost for an appraiser because of the time involved. It can take several hours for an expert to fully inspect a diamond thoroughly. Next, they need to complete a report that offers information about what they discovered. They often use specialized tools so they can see any flaws normally missed with the naked eye.

Not an Exact Figure

Keep in mind that a diamond appraisal isn’t an exact figure. The number you are given is a ballpark estimate. It does give you some numbers to work with if you are trying to borrow money against it or sell it. For insurance purposes, they are going to ask to see a copy of the written appraisal, as well as the information regarding who completed that appraisal for you.

Depending on the services they provide, a diamond appraisal may come with an offer. This is an amount of money the appraiser is willing to give you at that point in time for the item. If you wish to accept it, they will give you cash or a check. If you decline, there is no obligation and you are free to leave with your diamond. If you need a bit of time to think about the offer, let them know.

Don’t be shy about trying to negotiate a better price either. However, keep in mind their goal is going to be to buy the item cheaply, so they can resell it and make a profit. They may give you a bottom line figure to work with, and you have to either accept it or walk away. Your diamond may be worth far more than you ever realized, though, and that can be a nice surprise!

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