How Divorce Impacts Children

by | Jun 8, 2017 | Law Services

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Divorce is a traumatic time. It affects the spouses and impacts the children. Going through the divorce procedures that follow in a cooperative way poses a challenge that’s not always possible to achieve when confrontation is usually at the forefront of a divorce.

Witnessing Conflict and Dysfunction

Common underlying reasons for divorce are finances and other stressful matters that put a strain on the marriage. More intense and controversial reasons for the separation are infidelity or domestic violence.

With high tensions, frequent arguments, or accounts of domestic violence, a child feels helpless and unsafe as a witness.

It’s important for a spouse suffering from domestic violence to take action for their safety and for the well-being of their child. The victim has the right to court protection through a restraining order.

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Coping with a Stressful Custody Battle

Often times, children feel caught in the middle. If the child is close to both parents, it divides the dynamics of the family even more and can cause long-term suffering for the child.

The Enforcement of Unwanted Change

Change is not always welcomed. It’s hard for children when they’re young to fully understand these circumstances. When they’re forced to move to a new location, transfer schools, lose close friends, and visit their parents on an individual basis, all of these changes cause the child distress, putting them at risk for depression.

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