Air Conditioners Keep Getting Better

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on June, 2017

Central air conditioning is standard equipment in the greatest majority of American homes but for years homeowners have complained about the exorbitantly high cost of operation and the noise they make when they are running.

Fortunately, new technology has not passed the air conditioning industry by, new air conditioning installation in Carol Stream results in better performance at less cost and the equipment lasts longer and run quieter. Some new models which use improved compressor technology and improved fan blade shapes make very little noise compared to their predecessors. New equipment uses an ozone friendly refrigerant and energy consumption is dropping. What used to consumer upwards of 6,000 watts an hour to cool your home is now down to little over 1,700 watts.

It’s in the sizing as well:

Regardless of the efficiency of the unit, new air conditioner installation in Carol Stream is also dependent on accurate sizing. Air conditioning contractors are well aware that the key to maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption is the proper balance between the condenser and the evaporator.

A condenser pressurizes and cools the refrigerant, as a rule of thumb it takes one ton of air conditioning for every 1,000 square feet of space to be cooled. Knowledgeable professionals take into account the insulation level in the residence, the layout as well as the average climate.

Under sizing as well as over sizing both have serious drawbacks. When new air conditioning installation in Carol Stream is being designed “more is not better,” discuss your personal likes with the contractor, the majority of homeowners like to maintain a summer temperature of about 75 degrees.

Don’t attempt to mix old components with new, when it is time to replace your system replace everything at the same time, if you try to mix old and new you might just end up with no air con at all when you need it most.

If the air conditioning system in your home is 15 years old you should consider a new air conditioner installation in Carol Stream.