Hook Lift Trucks Offer Many Benefits to Fresno CA Businesses

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Automotive

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Would you like to add some versatility to your trucks? Perhaps you need large loads of materials from time to time and have to pay for pickup and delivery. When you add a hook lift system to your truck, you can take care of many different tasks in Fresno CA. Here are some of the good things about these systems.

What Are Hook Lifts?

A quality hook lift system in Fresno CA contains a hydraulic hoist and rail with a large hook. You can fit them to a heavy-duty truck chassis, and there is no need to buy a special truck for the job. By lowering the hoist, you can easily hook up to a number of items like dumpsters and cargo containers. The hooking system slowly and safely pulls the load up onto the truck so you can easily transport it. For delivery, simply reverse the hoist and your truck safely puts the load on the ground.


One of the most important benefits is the versatility it gives your trucks and your company. You can pick up and deliver a wide range of materials and equipment, and the truck can also perform flatbed duties. There is no limit to the things you can do with a good hook lift system in Fresno CA.

Normally, if you want to take on extra tasks, you need to add to your fleet. However, your hook trucks can do the job of many trucks. You save a lot of money on trucks, maintenance, and manpower. When you think about the prices of commercial trucks today, you understand the financial benefits of adding hook systems.

Hooking systems are simple to operate. Most trucks need an outside operator for cable systems. However, your driver can stay inside the cab and perform the entire operation. Your local truck body specialists can give you more info.

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