Charter a Boat to Enjoy St. Simon Island

Posted by Timothy Harvard on October, 2018

The best way to enjoy St Simon Island on charter boats. There is nothing more enjoyable than spending the day with friends and family on the water exploring the beautiful island of St. Simon.

St. Simons Island is a historic barrier island off the southeast coast of Georgia lined with sandy beaches and salt marshes. St. Simons has an area of only 17.6 square miles with a population of around 12,800 and was originally populated by the tribes of the Creek Nation.

Charter boats come from all over to watch for migrating whales. The endangered Atlantic right whales make the trek from Canada to Florida. They pass right by St. Simons Island where charter boats happily bring tourist for whale watching tours.

St. Simons Island is full of charter boats of all sizes to fit all budgets. Before hiring a charter boat, it is important to know what type of experience you want to have. Are you wanting to see whales and dolphins? Is fishing on your bucket list? What about a romantic sunset cruise around the island?

Once you know what the type of charter you wish to experience, then you can select the charter boat. Many charter boat companies have popular pre-designed packages for customers. Customers can also hire a charter boat and create their own itinerary. If you are prone to motion sickness, then charter a larger boat. Generally, the bigger and wider boats do not rock as much as the smaller boats.

Smaller charter boats are typically more intimate. You can meet the crew and captain, and they can make your trip more interactive and personalized. A great crew can bring the whole experience together. Prior to the charter, the crew may ask about your expectations, food preferences and any specific requirements while aboard the boat.

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