Great American Jazz Vocalists

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Arts and Entertainment

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We could talk about American jazz vocalists all day long and still not be able to crack the surface of the ones who truly made an impact on the music world. These individuals had a passion for music that you very rarely see today. If you do see it from performance artists, it is probably because they were influenced by these amazing jazz vocalists. Even though we cannot talk about them all, we can definitely talk about a few of the better American jazz vocalists.

Bing Crosby
Bing Crosby was a well-known American actor and singer. Crosby was known for his amazing bass-baritone vocal style which made him a best-selling recording artist who has sold over one billion albums, CDs, etc. all over the world. He was the first multimedia star who was not only a top leader in album sales, motion picture grosses, and radio ratings. He was a popular male jazz singer who stood on top with Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, and Dean Martin. He is a Grammy winner as well as an Academy Award winner.

Sammy Davis Jr.
Sammy Davis Jr was known for his ability to entertain in both stage and screen. He was known for his deep and sultry jazz vocals in various nightclubs early on in his career. He was in many films and became an overnight sensation after he performed at the 1951 Academy Awards. He was not only a singer but he played drums, and was a tap dancer. Sammy even got to star on Broadway and make a true name for himself. He is definitely an artist that many jazz singers still aspire to be like.

Natalie Cole
Natalie Cole is the daughter of Nat King Cole and immediately followed in his footsteps. She rose to success in the 1970s as an R&B artist but came back in the 1980s with pop and jazz hits. She has sold nearly eight million records and has won several Grammy Awards for her amazing vocal abilities. Cole even re-recorded some of her father’s greatest hits and it was the bestselling album of her entire career.

There is simply not enough time to bring up every American jazz vocalist who has truly impacted the music industry. There are many jazz artists today who are influenced by some of these amazing performers and continue to spread their love and passion of beautiful jazz music.

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