Gain Independence and Privacy in Student Apartments in Wisconsin

Where you live can significantly impact your daily life and your college experience. Though dorms are a traditional step in the college lifestyle, they may make you feel you have no time for yourself. However, you can pick student apartments that offer increased privacy and independence. Please read below to learn more about these benefits.

Personal Space

Dorms or residence housing may leave you living in a cramped space. But MU off-campus student housing allows you to have a private bedroom and bathroom. Also, you get your own kitchen and living room area or share these rooms with a few roommates. This arrangement lets you have personal space for relaxation, studying, and more.


MU off-campus student housing gives you an excellent chance to develop your life skills. You will get accustomed to budgeting for monthly bills like rent and utilities. Also, you get used to keeping your room, kitchen, and common areas clean for yourself and being considerate of others.

Cooking Facilities

Dining halls are convenient when you have a busy schedule. Yet, there are many benefits to cooking for yourself. You can create meals from family recipes and ensure that your meals are seasoned to your liking. A full-sized kitchen in your student apartment is also a great way to eat healthier and relieve stress.

Get the privacy and independence that make your college experience more worthwhile with MU off-campus student housing from Lark on 14th at