Finding Reliable and Knowledgeable Coin Dealers

by | Feb 15, 2018 | Jewelry

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It is very easy to find a coin buyer in your area. However, the hard part is finding one near you who has an excellent reputation for being honest and knowledgeable.

Is the Dealer or Buyer Experienced?

Coin dealers and buyers need to be experts in their field, and therefore when searching for a coin buyer in Chicago, make sure the first factor you confirm is the experience the buyer has. Buying and selling coins can be unpredictable and complex as prices and demand can change from hour to hour or day to day. Make sure the buyer can prove extensive experience and expertise in coins. Request credentials and a portfolio before starting to show your coins and ask questions that pertain to coin buying.

How Well is the Dealer Known?

A dishonest coin buyer says anything in order to win your business. It is crucial you check with other area dealers, gold coin investors in the area, and even friends and family to find out if a buyer is known or has a solid reputation. If others in the field do not know of a particular buyer, odds are they are not as reputable as they say.

Make Sure You Check References

Often times, a coin dealer or buyer has a list of clients or be a member of a local organization. Ask the buyer for names of clients or groups they are affiliated with in order to confirm their reputation, reliability and knowledge of coins.

It is easy to find dealer and buyers online or in the yellow pages, but finding them does not make it easy choosing one. Investigating the dealer must be thorough before trusting them with your rare coins. Not everyone is honest and by eliminating as much risk as possible you can be assured that you receive a fair price for your coins and are not taken advantage of.

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