Commercial Solar Systems in Palm Springs, CA Offset the Costs of Electricity

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Solar

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If you are a small or medium-sized business, you may think that the installation of solar panels for your business can wait. However, the time to act is now, as solar power can save you a good deal on operational costs.

Therefore, if you are a business owner, going solar is a smart business decision. The installation of commercial solar systems in Palm Springs, CA can remarkably reduce what you spend in electricity for commercial or operational activities.

You Can Save Over $1,000 per Month

Companies that use solar panels and rely on solar power can cut their electricity use by 75%. Therefore, a monthly electric bill can go from $1,900 to $500 by switching to solar. This results in a monthly savings of $1,400.

If you choose to upgrade to one of the commercial solar systems featured for businesses, you can pay off your installation in approximately three to seven years. You can also enjoy free electricity for the system’s life, which is normally about 30 years.

An Improvement and an Investment

Knowing this information may cause you to wonder just how much the costs are for commercial solar systems today. Because the expenses involved in purchasing and installing solar panels have dropped substantially, business customers find that a solar system is an investment as well as an upgrade.

The system size you select is measured in watts and is contingent on the amount of electricity you need to operate your business. The expense of a solar panel system is typically calculated in dollars per watt. Besides the use of lower-priced equipment, your business gains a big advantage by choosing solar energy, especially in terms of sustainability.

Where to Address Your Inquiries

Because customers and workers like to support companies that feature sustainability, choosing solar is an ideal way to show your commitment in this respect. Learn how you can benefit by installing a solar system; get more information online today.

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