Find the Highest Quality and Most Durable Hydraulic Cylinders in Athens, TN

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on December, 2020

A company that does one thing usually does it not only well, but even better than other companies that produce many products. That’s why when you look for hydraulic cylinders for sale, it makes sense to look for the company that specializes in hydraulic cylinders.

Designed to Perform

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), this cylinder manufacturer specializes in custom-built hydraulic cylinders. They have their own line of single-acting telescopic cylinders featuring the following characteristics:

  • Re-buildable construction
  • High quality adjustable vee packings for adaptable sealing
  • Choice of mounting styles, crosstube, or trunnion
  • Hard chrome plated stages

The cylinders are manufactured for high operating pressures. Many sizes are available now. In addition to manufacturing cylinders to specifications, repairing services are available offering the following:

  • Rod and tube replacement
  • Head gland and piston replacement
  • Seal repacking
  • And more


Two mounting styles are manufactured with various bore sizes and varied strokes. The two mounts manufactured are:

  • Crosstube mounts
  • Trunnion mounts

Crosstube Mounts

Crosstube mounts can be custom-built or ordered from stock. Click on the link below to review the available cylinders on hand.

Trunnion Mounts

As with the crosstube mounts, stocked cylinders are available and custom-built cylinders can be ordered. If you do not find hydraulic cylinders for sale that fit your needs, call the number below and speak with a design engineer to discuss your custom needs.

Call Today

For more information about the highest quality and most durable hydraulic cylinders for sale contact Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, Inc. online at Request a quote online or call toll free at (800) 737-8988.

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