3 Mistakes Businesses Make In Understanding Public Cloud Computing

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on December, 2020

Unfortunately, many businesses make assumptions about public cloud computing that may lead them to choose options that are more costly than they need. Recognizing these common mistakes can help a company to choose the right type of cloud, which is often the public cloud option.

Security Factors

In the early evolution of public cloud computing, security was a concern for specific types of applications. Today, the security of the public cloud is equal or superior to typical security offered by tech departments maintaining private servers in-house.

In situations where specialized protocols or security regulations are required, such as in the banking and financial industries, a private or a hybrid cloud may be the optimal solution.

Data is Private – Even on the Public Cloud

The term public cloud computing does not mean that the general public has access to data. In fact, the paid services used by companies through the public cloud is fully encrypted. Additionally, the company can add layers of protection to their software and systems to keep data safe and prevent unauthorized access.

Does Not Require Changing Business Applications and Software

The cloud makes integration or migration of data, software, and apps a simple process for those experienced in cloud computing support and solutions. It is also possible to strategically stage the migration of apps to the cloud, allowing the company the time to plan for the transition and fit in their budget.

Before assuming any issues about the public cloud, talk to a reputable provider, and be sure to get the facts.

At Web Werks, we take the time to talk to our customers and to answer any questions they may have on public cloud computing. Information is always available on our website at www.webwerks.in.

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