Find Release with a Bail Bond in Shelton, CT

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on September, 2018

According to recent reports, more than 10 million arrests are made each year in the United States. Some of those individuals are released on their recognizance or after simply promising to follow certain conditions set forth by the court. For others, getting out of jail is a matter of having a friend or relative contribute cash or property to the cause. Unfortunately, not all inductees to the hall of blame have access to these assets, but a bail bond in Shelton CT can bridge the gap.

How Does a Bail Bond Work?

After an arrest, a few standard events take place in rapid succession. Handcuffs may be involved followed by a trip to the jail or processing facility. From there, pictures are taken, personal information is recorded, belongings are taken for safekeeping, and fingerprints are made, not necessarily in that order. Though some are then released with strict further instructions, many are placed in a cell to await their hearings. During the hearing, bail amounts are set.

  • Deciding Factors – Specific bail amounts vary by state and even by county, but certain deciding factors apply when determining the bail amount. These include the type of crime, criminal records, family situations, income; and public safety risk. Judges consider these aspects to decide just how much bail would keep a defendant from ignoring future court dates.
  • Finding a Source – As mentioned, property, cash, and personal signatures can all serve as bonds in certain situations, but further intervention is often needed. Bail bond agents act as guarantors on defendants’ behalves; promising clients will uphold the conditions of their releases and appear in court as ordered. Should they fail to do so, bond agents are responsible for paying the full bail amounts.
  • Providing Compensation – Obviously, bond agents can’t offer freedom for free. They typically charge a 10 or 15 percent fee for their services and, at the same time, collateral is typically required. Clients must offer something of value, such as a vehicle, jewelry, or other types of property, in exchange for the bond agent’s backing. They’re also usually required to sign legally binding contracts.

Once a Bail Bond in Shelton CT is secured, it’s a simple matter of completing all the right paperwork before being released. Upholding any additional conditions of bail and appearing in court as promised will then go a long way toward further clearing up the situation. Click here to learn more.