Three Things You Can Use for Bail Bond Collateral in Arlington

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on March, 2020

It is now easier than ever to get bail bonds in Arlington, TX, from a bondsman. All you’ll need is the information about the defendant, a down payment and possibly, something to put down for collateral. These are three things you can offer to the bail bond company as collateral.

A Car Titlea

One of the most common items that people offer as bail bond collateral is the title to their cars. The bondsman does not keep the car. He places a temporary lien on it just so that he can sell it if the defendant fails to show up for court.

A Home Deed

The deed to your home could be a good offering if you don’t have a car title. You must be extremely cautious if you choose this method, however. You could essentially lose your home if the person you are helping skips bail.

Precious Metals

If you don’t have a car or a home, you might be able to offer the precious metals for

bail bonds in Arlington, TX. Gold, silver and some other items may be of value to a bail bond company.