Fighting For Benefits With A Workers Compensation Attorney In Vermont

by | Aug 3, 2015 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Under Vermont laws, all business owners must acquire a worker’s compensation insurance policy. The only exception to this law is if the owner becomes self-insured. However, their preferred status doesn’t eliminate their responsibility when an employee becomes injures.

Identifying an Employee-Worker Relationship

Among the first tactics used to prevent an insurance claim is a denial of an employee-worker relationship. This is a common occurrence with contractors. However, if the business owner signed a contract deeming them liable for potential risks, they must cover the contractor’s injuries. The contract signed by both parties identifies this relationship. A Workers Compensation Attorney in Vermont could help to identify this relationship.

Where Did the Injury Occur?

To become eligible, the injury must occur inside the work environment. The work environment is identified as the business location or any areas in which the owner sends workers. If they send workers on remote assignments, they must provide coverage for these locations.

Additionally, the injury must occur while performing work-related duties. The injury cannot occur during the employee’s personal time away from the work site. It isn’t required for them to be clocked in at the time of the injury. However, to qualify, the injury must equate to a premise’s liability. For example, if the worker was inside the building and fell.

Securing Adequate Support for the Claim

The most effective method of securing support is to acquire the surveillance footage from the location. Most businesses have security cameras that record various areas of the property. It is more probable to believe that the accident was recorded.

Fighting the Employer’s Insurance Company

Employers that refuse to file an insurance claim attempt to cover their tracks. They may acquire shrewd legal representation through their insurance carrier. This is why the employee must take action immediately. Click here to learn more.

Employees sustain injuries on the job site daily. Unfortunately, unethical employees find ways to intimidate these workers and avoid insurance claims. When this happens, the worker sustains financial hardships and won’t receive any benefits. Workers who are threatened by employers after an injury need legal representation. To hire a Workers Compensation Attorney in Vermont visit Website URL right now.

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