Effective Rodent Control 101

Posted by Daniel lawrence on August, 2015

Some people associate rodents with dirty buildings. The truth is that rodents can be found just about anywhere. A building can be extremely clean and still end up with a rodent infestation. It just takes two rodents to go unnoticed until breeding takes place. After that, the rodents can quickly increase their numbers to a point of becoming a serious rodent problem. The right Rodent Control methods can help both prevent and treat rodent problems. If a person lives out in the country, field mice are usually a problem.

In order to win the battle with field mice, a property owner must take the battle outside the home. The goal is to try to eliminate as many field mice on the property as possible. This involves putting down traps and even using baits. Killing the rodents outside means that fewer rodents will try to seek shelter inside of a person’s home. The exterior of one’s home needs to be searched for points of entry that rodents can use. Amazingly, all a rodent needs is about ¼ an inch of space to get inside of a home. As such, any hole that is ¼ inch or larger needs to be sealed off.

Sealing off a hole needs to be done with a material that a rodent can’t chew through. A combination of steel wool and other materials can usually do the trick for small holes. If a person feels overwhelmed with Rodent Control, Bowman Termite and Pest Management LLC or another qualified exterminator can be called out to help deal with the problem. Calling an exterminator doesn’t have to be reserved for a major infestation. Using a pro can help deal with a small rodent problem before the rodent population is able to explode.

Controlling garbage is part of dealing with rodents. Quality trash cans should be used. The cans should form seals that keep rodents out. Moving the garbage as far away from the home will help to keep rodents away. If owls are in the area, building an owl box might help to control rodents. Owls are natural predators of rodents, and a family of owls can consume over 10 rodents in one night. You can follow them on Instagram.

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