Ensuring Shredding in Anaheim Protects Information

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on February, 2018

When a company has documentation that they no longer need to keep in paper form, it will be necessary to dispose of paperwork properly. Failing to safeguard personal information can lead to potential identity theft or the stealing of proprietary information. Here are some measures that can be taken to help protect information so it does not fall into the wrong hands.

Keep Paperwork Under Lock And Key To Limit Exposure

Paperwork should be kept in a secure location when waiting for it to be destroyed. Locking it inside of file cabinets or placing it in a room that has limited access is best. The keys can be assigned to a few key members within the company so the number of employees with access to the information will be kept at a minimum level.

Transport Documentation In A Way Where It Is Not Seen

When paperwork will be removed from a company building, it will need to be protected while transported. Placing documentation inside of a zipped and locked bag will help to keep it from being seen by someone during the transferal process. This can be done by a shredding service or by a trusted employee within the company.

Call A Shredding Company To Assist With Destruction

It is wise to call a service that handles Shredding in Anaheim if large amounts of documentation will need to be destroyed. A service can come directly to the business to handle the shredding of paperwork on the premises. This will ensure the information within the documentation will not be shared with parties at another location. A mobile unit will be used for the destroying of paperwork. The process can be assessed by someone who works within the company via monitor. The shreds can then be left at the company or taken to an off-site area.

When there is a need to have Shredding in Anaheim done, calling a professional service to do the job is best. Contact Shred Confidential Inc. today to find out more about the process in documentation shredding or to discuss pricing options. An appointment can then be made to do the procedure when desired.

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