Don’t Worry About Shipping Mistakes With Postal Processing Software Solutions

by | Jul 4, 2016 | Computers

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If your business processes and sends a lot of physical mail, it’s worth investigating and investing in postal processing software solutions that will help you cut costs and save time: lowering your amount of undeliverable-as-addressed mail, presorting, and automatic changes that force addresses to comply with postal codes can save a lot of money over time, while efficient and accurate software that removes the need to painstakingly manually presort or verify addresses saves a considerable amount of time. In looking for the software with the most robust capabilities and the clearest GUI that makes using it easy, you can revolutionize your shipping.


Whether you send direct marketing material or packages in bulk, presorting your mail according to the many specific USPS codes (carrier route, walk sequence, high-density saturation, etc.) can significantly cut your postage costs. It can be difficult and very frustrating to do this manually, but good postal processing software solutions can quickly and reliably take care of it for you. Although it’s important just to find the software that is capable of doing this, researching the corresponding GUI is equally important, since you need to be able to understand clearly your address book and how it is organized.

Address Verification

In today’s rapidly shifting society, with customers changing addresses and laws and regulations constantly being modified, it’s almost impossible to keep track of your clients’ addresses and how to format them. For example, many ZIP codes that used to be five digits require an additional four digits tacked on to the end. By finding software that automatically renders your dated or slightly incorrect address information to adhere properly to postal codes and automatically merging duplicate customer information (i.e. if there is a marriage and corresponding last-name merge or a customer’s old address is still in your system), you can prevent confusion and disorganization from getting in the way of your operations.

These are the main things to consider when shopping for and comparing postal processing software solutions – it’s a sound investment that will help you be more reliable for your clients.

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