Climate Control Storage in Los Angeles and MORE

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on July, 2016

There is a difference between run of the mill climate control storage in Los Angeles and climate control storage that is constructed for fine art, collections and other art works. When you need “more” than just climate control storage your options are limited but in many cases you have to have certain standards to ensure the safety of your art/collections. Simple keeping a space cool during the hot months and warm in cooler months is not sufficient for important pieces.

What Is More?

Climate control is not enough to really protect your valuable possessions. You need museum quality climate control storage to get museum quality protection for your items. Of course getting more does not stop with museum quality climate control. You can get:

  • A dust free environment
  • Humidity control
  • A viewing room
  • NO public access/restricted access
  • Fire protected premises
  • 24 hour monitoring
  • State of the art security systems

When you have fine art that you need to store for short or long periods it has to be stored using the highest standards to help reduce risk of damage and loss. Simple climate control is not enough to ensure that your precious pieces are in an environment that is conducive to their safety. More is the answer when you want to keep your art/collections safe, it is actually a need. You need more.

Where Can You Get More?

There are limited storage facilities that really take serious responsibility for your possessions and that offer a high level of confidentiality. Art Pack is one of the few professional services that can store your goods in a completely safe environment that is structured to provide the climate, security and specialty handling. Art Pack is the solution when you have art, collections even movie memorabilia to protect.