Discover Modern Student Living at 44 North Apartments in Minneapolis

by | Mar 14, 2024 | Student Housing Center

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Are you searching for an ideal housing option for a student near the University of Minnesota? Look at least 44 North Apartments, the top choice of all U of M student apartments in Minneapolis, offering the best combination of comfort and convenience. Our contemporary and spacious 2-bedroom apartments are tailored to students and designed to provide a warm, stylish, and comfortable relaxing spot.

Convenient Location Near Campus

Situated in downtown Minneapolis, 44 North Apartments provides an ideal housing environment only a few blocks away from the campus. Whether you are looking for UMN apartments nearby or specifically U of M student housing, 44 North is the perfect place to maximize your college experience! Living at the 44 North Apartments will always place you in the heart of the action by offering convenient access to on-campus facilities, delicious eateries, and electric urban life.

Balancing Convenience and Comfort

At 44 North Apartments, we regard your satisfaction and care. Our student lodging is intended to be a modern and attractive apartment where you can complete assignments, have some rest, and hang out with friends. We offer facilities like a fitness center, common room, and study areas so everything will be at your fingertips. Moreover, our staff is well-trained and focused on offering outstanding service so that your stay with us is memorable.

Experience the Apex of Student Living

Discover the sublimity of balance between convenience and coziness at 44 North Apartments, the leading choice for students living in Minneapolis. Whether you are in pursuit of academic excellence, looking for fellow students to socialize with, or simply looking for a sanctuary to call home, 44 North Apartments provides the ultimate haven for your college experience.

Do you want to taste modern student life at its finest? Contact 44 North Apartments for a premier Student Apartments Minneapolis experience near the University of Minnesota. Visit our website at

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