Difference Between Botox And Juvederm In Chicago

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on May, 2016

One incredibly attractive alternative to receiving invasive cosmetic surgery is the use of facial fillers. These can smooth wrinkles, firm up your skin, and help you regain confidence in your appearance. Botox and Juvederm are two popular procedures, but many prospective patients may not know the differences between them. The ads we all see on TV seem to be the same, with similar promises being made about these different products, and with many patients achieving similar results. Despite the similarities in technique and end result, there are a number of differences between Botox and Juvederm in Chicago. Here are a few more details about each procedure, to help you make your choice about which one is right for you.

Method Used

Botox is a protein made by the clostridium botulinum bacteria that has been purified and put in a syringe. This is then injected with a tiny needle into the facial muscles.  Juvederm is a type of hyaluronic acid, and is one of the few FDA-approved facial fillers made from this technique. Like Botox, it is also injected into the skin using a very small needle. No freezing or anesthetic is required, and the pain from the injections is minimal.

Areas Treated

Botox is frequently used around the forehead and eyes, to treat frown lines, forehead wrinkles, and crow’s feat. It is also used to firm the skin around the mouth, and often is injected into the neck to remove sagging. Juvederm is used to smooth out wrinkles in the skin, to firm the skin above the eyebrows, to provide greater definition to cheeks, and to improve the look of the jawline and chin. In some cases, Juvederm has also been used to help reshape the nose and to enhance the lips.

Length of Effect

Botox injections typically last anywhere from three to four months, without the need for any other type of maintenance procedure to be completed before the next injection occurs. Optimal effects of Juvederm can last as short as six months, or as long as nine, with some effects lasting as long as two years in some patients.

Benefits Of Each

Botox is a short procedure, and often takes less than twenty minutes. Many patients are able to receive their injections on their lunch hour, and return to work afterwards with minimal side effects. Slight bruising and headaches have been reported as side effects by a few patients. The injections themselves are relatively painless, with some patients stating that they are similar to bug bits. Receiving Juvederm is also a short procedure, with side effects including some redness and tenderness around the injection sites. The results are immediate, and long lasting.

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