3 Steps to Better Hardwood Floors

Posted by Daniel lawrence on May, 2016

Wood floors are great. But they’re prone to scratches, dents and discolorations over the years. However, you can refinish your hardwood floors to bring them back to life, says the Huffington Post. Here’s how:

Choose your wood finish.
There are three types you can choose from. These include:

  • Polyurethane is typically oil or water-based and offers different degrees of shine. You’ll end up with a plastic looking finish that can darken the wood, which is a good look on your floors. It’s a great choice for heavy-traffic areas or high-moisture spaces in your home. But be warned: it’s notoriously hard to fix it once you get it nicked or gouged. Your only recourse would be to replace that section of the floor.
  • Varnish offers a nice glossy matte kind of finish and offers a different type of luster. Want something that’ll last? Go for the higher gloss, it’s durable and will surely stand up to the test of time. The good news is, unlike polyurethane, this one is quite easy to repair.
  • Opt for the penetrating sealer if you want to bring out the floor’s natural grain. Wax it for best results. While this one is the least durable of the lot, it’s also the easiest to fix so that’s a good trade-off.

Call in the pros.
While DIY solutions abound, if you want convenient, easy and efficient service, call in experts instead of trying your hand at it. By hiring hardwood flooring experts in Longmont CO, you can look forward to enjoying your newly refinished floors that much sooner.

Take care of your floors.
The best way to make sure your floors are protected is to use carpets. These will help keep the scratches and dents to a minimum. This is especially effective for high-traffic areas such as your kitchen, bedroom or living room. You can visit Website for more information.

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