Deciding If Your Windshield Can Be Repaired Or Needs Replacing

by | Aug 21, 2017 | Automotive

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A damaged windshield is not a rare occurrence, with the amount of debris on the streets and highways it is surprising it doesn’t happen more often. In the past when a windshield was damaged the only solution was to replace it, however, with the advances in auto glass repair techniques, many chips and cracks can now be repaired. To determine if your auto glass in Chicago can be repaired or not, there are a few things to take into account.

When a windshield can be repaired:

With the advent of high-tech polymers, windshield repair is now quite a simple procedure. A skilled technician will prepare the area and inject a resin compound directly into the damaged area. Once the resin has dried and the area polished the damage is virtually invisible and the windshield strength is not compromised.

* Auto glass in Chicago can be repaired by specialists as long as the chip is no larger than a quarter or cracks are less than a dollar bill.

* Many windshield repair shops are well aware of the potential vision problems when damage is in the line of sight of the driver, as such they will not attempt repairs. The slightest distortion can prove to be dangerous.

* To ensure the best results, windshield repairs should be done as quickly as possible after the damage. Chips and cracks can spread; all it takes is to hit a bump. Damaged areas can quickly clog with dirt. If it is inconvenient to seek immediate repairs the better specialist companies offer mobile repair services.

When replacement is a must:

When the windshield is damaged beyond repair there is no other solution but to replace it. A car windshield is an important component, it adds considerable structural strength in the event of a roll over or serious collision. Any heavy impact should be considered cause for replacement.

If your windshield was damaged you should visit a specialist in repair and replacement auto glass in Chicago. You are invited to take your vehicle to Aero Auto Parts or to arrange for their mobile service to come to you.

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