Common Scenarios Resulting in Tooth Extractions in Charleston, SC

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on January, 2021

Losing a tooth cannot always be avoided. Many patients are surprised to learn they need to have a tooth extracted. Tooth Extractions in Charleston, SC are reserved for when teeth are no longer viable. Your dentist should thoroughly explain why an extraction is recommended.

Tooth Decay

Perhaps theleading reason for Tooth Extractions in Charleston, SC is severe tooth decay. If a cavity isn’t treated while it’s still small, it will continue to grow. Eventually, the nerve of the tooth may become infected. When this happens, it may be necessary to pull the tooth.

Even if the tooth has been treated with a filling, it may end up being extracted later on. If the fillings causes the tooth to crack, pulling it may be the best solution. Older filings may fail, resulting in a tooth infection. Once again, the dentist may feel extraction is the best choice.

Excessive Damage

Breaking a tooth is another common reason for needing an extraction. Whenever possible the dentist will try to repair the damage. A filling or crown may be placed to reinforce the tooth. If the damage is too great, however, these options will ultimately fail.

Tooth fractures almost always result in extraction. A fractured tooth is not always easy to diagnose, and the damage doesn’t always show up on an x-ray. If a patient has severe pain when biting, they need to visit their dentist to determine if the tooth is fractured.

Spacing Issues

There are times when perfectly health teeth need to be extracted due to spacing issues. This is very common before a person begins orthodontic treatment. Severe crowding may be the result of a small arch. If there is not enough room to correctly house the teeth, the dentist will choose which ones to pull.

Teeth that are pulled due to spacing concerns are carefully selected. Dentists avoid pulling noticeable teeth, such as the front teeth or canines. Once the teeth are extracted, braces are used to move the remaining teeth and fill in the sockets.

If you ever find yourself needing to have a tooth extraction, don’t put it off. Once the tooth has been pulled, the dentist will offer ways to replace it, including a dental implant, bridge or orthodontics.

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