Southpoint Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL, Reaches Out to Residents

by | May 11, 2017 | Church of Christ

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One of the most important jobs a church has is reaching out to others who may not be religious and could benefit from the sense of unity and God’s message. The Southpoint Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL, takes great pride in their outreach efforts so they can bring more people to know the love of God and the sense of belonging that often comes with church membership.

Regular Activities

One of the ways they reach out to local residents is through their regular activities. While many of these programs are designed with their members in mind, they are all open to the general public. They welcome visitors with open arms, showing them the power of family that can be found at Southpoint Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL. Whether young couples want to participate in the marriage workshops or individuals are interested in the basketball tournaments, there’s something for everyone.

Outreach Meetings

At Southpoint Baptist Church, they put together groups of individuals who meet in various areas of the city on a weekly basis. These Life Groups are focused on attracting members of the local community, sharing the important message of God’s Word. There are groups for men and women, allowing them to effectively reach a larger percentage of the population without intimidating anyone. They come with messages of love and acceptance, showing these individuals what becoming a member of the church can mean for their lives.

Becoming a member of a church can be an enlightening experience for many individuals.  However, many of the denominational churches have left a bad impression. With the outreach efforts put forth by Southpoint Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL, individuals will feel at ease and better understand what they can expect from their experience.

Becoming a member of Southpoint Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL, can be an enlightening experience. Find out more by visiting their website or calling 1-904-281-1188.

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