Buying A Used Car

Buying a used car is an excellent way to cut the cost of driving. As most new cars lose a considerable amount of their value in the first year due to depreciation, why not let someone else take this hit. Of course, the nice thing about a new car is the fact that it is virtually risk free as it is under manufacturer’s warranty; this is not always the case when you buy a used Mazda in Plainfield. Even at that, if you take your time and don’t rush into buying the first car you see you can be extremely happy with the outcome and have money in your pocket as well.

When you opt to purchase a used car there are a few important things to consider:

* Be careful with your budget: Remember; there is more to buying a used Mazda in Plainfield than just paying for the car. Make sure, once you have an idea of the vehicle you want, to get quotes for insurance and look into the cost of licensing. If there appears that there might be a little work to be done, factor this cost in as well.

If you plan on financing the purchase check with external sources of cash before you begin negotiating with the dealer. You may find that the bank or credit union can give you terms that are somewhat better than are available through the dealership.

* Do your homework: There are numerous price guides on the internet, visit a few of them and compare the car you are considering with similar cars. In this way you get a far better idea of what price you might wish to target. There are also forum sites that are model specific, search these sites out and look to see if the car is known to have any common faults.

* Service history: No car can be service free. If the used car you are considering is two or three years old there should be copies of garage bills and records of regular servicing. If there is no service records this is a possible red flag so ask why the records are non-existent.

* Test drive: This is your first and only chance to check the vehicles general condition to determine if it suits your needs or not. Pay particular attention to the seating position, is it comfortable? Can you reach all the controls without taking your eyes off the road and is it large enough to carry everything that is important to you whether that is your golf bag or your baby’s push chair.

When you buy a used Mazda in Plainfield look for a dealer that does not pressure you into buying. Always remember; you are buying the car because it suits you, not anyone else.

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