An Overview of Car Insurance Personal Injury Protection Jacksonville

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on March, 2016

Accidents can happen to anyone at any time. You can be caught off guard in case an accident occurs and you are uninsured. This could prove disastrous. Investing in car insurance personal injury protection in Jacksonville is a must if you own a vehicle.

Personal Injury Protection
PIP or Personal Injury Protection is also called no-fault coverage. PIP is an extension of car insurance. It covers you if you are injured in a car accident regardless of who was at fault. It helps to pay for the treatment of you and your family in case of injuries caused by an accident. In Florida, it is compulsory for all motor vehicle owners to purchase PIP coverage.

What PIP Covers
Car insurance personal injury protection in Jacksonville covers 80% of your medical bills. It also covers 60% of your lost wages if you cannot work due to injuries caused by the accident. This is up to a limit of $10,000. In addition to this, PIP covers other expenses like housekeeping which becomes essential due to injuries caused in a car accident. It also reimburses the travelling charges incurred for medical treatment.

Risks Associated with PIP Coverage
Although car insurance personal injury protection in Jacksonville offers a lot of benefits to motor owners, it does have its own pitfalls. Insurance companies try their level best to scrimp and save once the damage has been done. Always check the activities that are covered by your insurance. Sometimes they may cover only accidents and not disease caused by accidents. Insurance companies try to reduce the amount to be paid to the bare minimum. They delay their responses as much as possible. They make your life difficult by complicating things to the maximum. When things aren’t moving along the way they should, it is when you should inlist the help of professional lawyers such as those at Shuster & Saben, LLC.

Always remember that insurance is for protecting yourself. It is not an investment for getting returns. So please get your life, your family and your car covered. If you’re planning to invest in an insurance policy in the near future, it may be better you plan about investing in car insurance personal injury protection Jacksonville. If your insurance company misleads you or refuses to pay you what you deserve, please don’t hesitate to email our experienced lawyers through our contact form. We will fight to ensure that justice is done and you receive the benefits that you deserve.

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