Benefits of Early Childhood Education

Posted by Phineas Gray on January, 2015

Research has it that the most crucial stage in any individual’s life is during their early years. It is during this period that the child develops their cognitive ability, build strong language development foundation, and even help with formulating structures on how they will be behaving and fitting into the society later in their lives. Without a proper high-quality early childhood education in St. Augustine area foundation, a child stands to lose laying the proper foundations that have long-lasting effects on their whole development. As such, it is essential that one chooses a preschool where their child will receive utmost care and be loved. Just to stress on the importance of this step, here are some benefits associated with proper early childhood education St. Augustine classes.

1. It Helps in Language Development

The language development of all individuals rapidly occurs between the ages of one and five years. It is during this period that the child engages in frequent and age appropriate conversations that leads them to developing advanced language skills later in their lives. As such, being enrolled in early education, these children get to be involved in songs, read-aloud group discussions, and even finger-playing games that promote vocabulary development and building of conversation skills that they will continue building on throughout their lives.

2. It Is Instrumental in Cognitive Development

Being in a high quality early childhood education center significantly impacts a child’s cognitive development. Proper cognitive development is essential to a person’s life since it dictates how quickly they can process mat operation, performance in tests, information uptake, and understanding as well as reading behaviors. As such, being in a proper early childhood education St. Augustine institution that has well developed curricular aimed towards helping the development of cognitive skills is crucial towards building the child’s already existing skills set and acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

3. It Helps in the Development of an All round individual

Another key thing that takes place early in a person’s life is social and emotional development. When one enrolls their child in early childhood St. Augustine programs, they provide the child with the opportunity to develop solid and beneficial relationships with both the children and adults in a secure environment. Research has shown that a child in such a comfortable environment gets to participate in advanced cooperative play and demonstrate less aggressive behaviors later in life since they are able to amicably resolve their conflicts through the use of language skills learned early in life.