Baby Clothing – A Booming Market

Posted by Phineas Gray on January, 2015

When it’s time to buy a present for a newborn or stock up for your own arrival, the options on the baby clothing market are likely to astound. This market is huge and it’s growing in leaps and bounds for a few very good, practical reasons. Picking out the best baby clothing for a new arrival, however, does require some discrimination. The key is to not only find an adorable look, but also to make sure quality goes into every purchase.

Why the Market is Booming

There are a few strong reasons why baby clothing is a popular choice for those looking to buy gifts for youngsters, supporting a booming market that continues to grow. Those who have children understand these two basic facts about babies and clothing:

  • Babies go through a lot of clothes in the course of any given day. Whether it’s a need to change baby to keep him or her clean or a new mom’s desire to put on the cutest outfit at any given time, babies don’t tend to wear one outfit each day. This creates a demand for a fairly sizeable wardrobe during the early weeks and months of life.
  • Babies grow fast – A complete wardrobe of clothing for a newborn will quickly become obsolete as baby grows in leaps and bounds. What worked for clothing during the first few weeks will rapidly become too small. Most babies, in fact, go through three to four complete wardrobe switchovers during the first year of life.

What to Look For

Buying clothing for a baby isn’t quite as simple as it is for an adult. Here are some tips for finding great buys:

  • Consider quality – This is absolutely essential. Baby clothing should be soft, carefully stitched and free from any potential choke hazards. Small buttons, for example, are not a good choice.
  • Ease – Wrestling a newborn into a complicated outfit can be a very difficult undertaking. That’s why many new parents prefer simple dresses, onesies and other items that are easy to slip babies into and out of. This is especially so considering those frequent clothing changes.
  • Cuteness factor – Don’t overlook the cuteness of an outfit when choosing a gift for a baby. If it’s safe and looks adorable, chances are the outfit is going to be a huge hit.

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