Bench Scales

Posted by Phineas Gray on November, 2014

Bench scales are a popular choice for many of the features that they possess. They usually feature a configuration that includes the platform and a separate weighing indicator that is separated by a cable. The scales are highly accurate and range in capacities from just a few pounds up to a few tons. They are used in a wide variety of industries, such as postage carriers, produce packing, industrial, and even for use in weighing people and animals.

Bench scales that are marked ‘legal for trade’ are perfect for such uses like fruit and vegetable packing. Farmers and growers are able to load a crate onto the weighing mechanism, pack it to the specified weight, and ship off whatever they are growing to wherever it needs to go, knowing they have packed the accurate amount of produce in the crate.

Not every bench scale is marked ‘legal for trade’, so this type of use requires a special model that is calibrated correctly, and can also be used in weigh modes that show pounds, ounces, and kilograms. The accuracy of these scales is usually out to a .05 pound accuracy or greater.

Industrial Use

Bench scales used for industrial functions need to be sturdy and well-constructed. They also need to typically be labeled as ‘legal for trade’ as well. The uses for these scales are generally for either restaurant use or large-scale produce packing operations. They are typically high capacity, very accurate, and usually small enough to place on a tabletop setting. Choose the Hardy bench scale that fits your application. Hardy’s bench scales are easy to use and efficient.


Shipping bench scales is another common use. These scales generally feature a platform with a separate weighing indicator and can go up to 500 pounds or more. They are sturdy enough to withstand packages constantly being dropped on them and sliding off, which is typical for a large-scale shipping operation. Also, it is not entirely uncommon for scales like these to be seen in the offices of bariatric surgeons and physicians, as they are very accurate and can convert from pounds to kilograms, and are easy to use to weigh people who are over 350 pounds (which is sometimes hard to come by in a general scale used for adults).

Bench scales have a wide variety of uses, and some can even do double duty (such as shipping scales that are used to weigh bariatric patients). They are very accurate, with some scales going out to .005-pound accuracy. Bench scales are also high-capacity, with some of them being able to handle up to two tons or more, making them one of the most versatile commercial weighing scales.