A Bad Day Can Be Made Better By Going to the Gym

Posted by Phineas Gray on November, 2014

Have you heard of endorphins? These feel-good chemicals are released in the brain each time you exercise, and they instantly lift the mood. This is why people love going to the gym so much, because gym sessions prevent bouts of depression and put a smile on their faces! A run, Yoga session or game of football could brighten up a gloomy day, and could help you gain self-confidence through toning up those wobbly bits and dropping a dress size, or two. If you are on the verge of signing up for a gym membership and buying quality garments and accessories, discover the benefits of being a fitness fanatic.

Reduced Risk of Disease

The healthier you are, the happier you will be. Sessions at the gym will slash the risks of cancer and diabetes by 50 percent. It could also lower the chances of dying young by approximately 30 percent.  Taking your recommended dose of exercise could essentially help you live longer and lead a more fulfilled life. In addition to boosting health, it will enhance mood, the quality of your sleep, self-esteem and mental health. Diversify your workouts by exercising outdoors from time to time, as well as inside the gym, because exposing yourself to sunshine, fresh air and new surroundings will make you feel happier. By combining frequent exercise with a balanced diet you can reap the rewards in more ways than one.

Things That Affect Workouts

The intensity of your workout will affect how you feel after it. Low-intensity exercises include Pilates and Yoga, whereas high-intensity workouts include cardiovascular activities like running. Try to engage in moderate-intensity workouts for the best results, such as brisk walking, water aerobics, tennis or cycling. You could even get your daily dose of exercise by doing daily chores, such as walking to pick the kids up from school. Making small changes will have a big difference on your overall health. If you are thinking about becoming a gym member, make sure you attend the induction so that the personal trainers can advise you on the best equipment to use based on your physical abilities, body type and fitness goals.

Your performance in the gymnasium can be affected by the type of clothes you wear. Cotton, polyester, spandex and Lycra are just a few examples of recommended materials for sportswear because of their breathability and comfort factor. To prevent post-workout injuries from slowing you down, consider slipping on some compression clothing.