Advice on How to Handle a Honey Bee Swarm in Columbus OH

Posted by Daniel lawrence on September, 2016

Unless you happen to be an entomologist or beekeeper seeing a honey bee swarm in Columbus OH may not be the highlight of your day. The sight of honeybees swarming tends to unnerve most individuals, even though it is a perfectly natural and essential occurrence, vital to their existence. When the existing colony grows to the point where all the worker bees cannot reach the queen, another queen must emerge, and there can be only one.

The existing queen leaves the colony with a portion of the worker bees to search for a new nesting spot. It is this stage that it is known as a swarm. The swarm eventually settles in a tree or some other spot, right in your back yard, and you might fear for the safety of your family. Quite the opposite actually, as the swarm is focused on finding a new home and since they do not have a hive to protect at the moment, are less likely to attack. It is best to leave them alone and contact a pest removal company or better yet, an experienced beekeeper.

After landing on a tree in your yard the honey bee swarm in Columbus OH will send out scouts to search for a suitable new home. Assuming they find one, they will return and communicate this information to the other bees through highly intricate “dances”, conveying location and size. If a consensus is reached then the whole swarm will leave for the new nesting site. How long this process takes is unpredictable, sometimes happening the same day, a few days, or never.

The last scenario, the one where the bees decide they like your backyard, or attic, or side of the house, is the one most people just can’t agree with. The earlier a beekeeper or pest control service is contacted, the easier the removal will be. Visit our website to schedule an appointment or inquire about services. Ideally, the best outcome is that the swarm can be humanely removed and relocated. If this is not possible, ensure the pest removal professionals remove the dead insects and guarantee their work.