5 Things Homeowners Should Expect With a Roofing Inspection in Mount Prospect IL

Posted by Daniel lawrence on September, 2016

Reliable roofing contractors provide certain information after an inspection, and it goes beyond cost. Whether a potential buyer hires a contractor before making an offer or a homeowner needs a bi-yearly roof inspection, knowing what’s coming is important. However, all contractors are different, and it can be difficult to know whether the inspection is adequate. Regardless of a homeowner’s choice of contractors, they should expect to receive the following information after Roofing Inspection Mount Prospect IL.

A Report on the Roof’s Health

Not only should a customer expect timely verbal and written reports, explanations should be offered in easy-to-understand terms. Roofing terminology can be complex, and some homeowners may not know much about the home’s roof. Pressing issues, such as moss growth and missing shingles, should be addressed immediately.

Repair Quotes

Should the contractor find problems, they will offer a written estimate within a week. Many companies do not offer on-site quotes because contractors may need to furnish certain details to the owners. However, timely quotes are to be expected.

Photos of the Damage

Some roofing damage are not readily visible, but some is, and it should be documented with photos. Only with photographic evidence can a homeowner see what’s really wrong with the roof. Without it, certain customers may feel pressured into trusting the contractor.

How Much Time The Roof Has Remaining

There is no way for a contractor to offer a definitive timeline on roof durability, and it is impossible to plan for future circumstances. However, a reliable local roofer should be able to offer a good estimate based on his or her years of experience in Roofing Inspection Mount Prospect IL.

A Solid Action Plan

The contractor’s job is to be an advocate for the customer, and they should provide an action plan for roof maintenance. When the customer knows what’s needed to keep the roof in good shape, they can avoid surprises and budget accordingly.

Roofers and homeowners maintain long relationships, and customers should take time when choosing a contractor. Local customers deserve a company that will protect their interests and one that has the right skills and tools to maintain the roof. Call C & R Home Improvements Inc or Visit online today for roof replacement or repair.

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