4 Questions that Patients Ask Their Pain Doctors in Jacksonville

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on May, 2021

4 Questions that Patients Ask Their Pain Doctors in Jacksonville

Pain management improves one’s health and wellness contributing to better lifestyles. Whether one suffers from acute or chronic pain, getting pain under control is crucial for day-to-day quality of life. Below are the top questions pain doctors in Jacksonville answer every day from people searching for relief.

What Does Pain Management Actually Mean?

Pain management is more than prescribing someone pharmaceuticals to dull the aches and pains. The point of pain management is to help patients recovering from surgery or chronic pain using a combination of methods that help people gain better control over their pain and to improve their quality of life. Pain management is also called pain medicine and it’s considered a medical specialty.

Can a General MD Practice Pain Management?

Yes, but most pain management specialists aren’t medical doctors. Pain specialists work in many fields including psychiatry, physical rehabilitation, and even anesthesiology. Often, pain management specialists work with medical doctors to come up with a comprehensive treatment program for their patients.

Who Uses Pain Management?

All types of people, experiencing all types of pain, visit pain management specialists for relief. People who suffer from migraines have had injuries from car accidents, who have spinal problems, and even cancer patients see pain doctors. The bottom line is that if a person is suffering from pain and wants to treat it effectively, a pain specialist can help.

How Fast Will the Pain Go Away?

Pain management takes time. While many patients feel significant relief after a session or two, it can take several weeks of committing to pain management with pain doctors in Jacksonville to notice long-lasting results.

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