You Will Want a Felony Lawyer in Lititz, PA to Handle Your Case

by | May 29, 2017 | Law Services

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Crimes in the felony category are more serious than misdemeanors and include at least one year in jail. They can also have a significant impact on a convicted person’s life as the conviction means they lose some of their basic rights, have trouble finding a job in the future, and may even have trouble finding a place to live once they’re released from jail. This could also cause family issues, have an impact in custody disputes, and more.

A person who has been arrested and charged with any felony will want to ensure they talk to a felony lawyer in Lititz, PA as quickly as possible. The lawyer is going to be able to review their case and do as much as possible to defend them from the charges. This might mean trying to have the charges dismissed, trying to gain a “not guilty” verdict, or trying to minimize the impact a conviction will have on their client’s life. How the lawyer handles the situation will depend on the facts of the case and the evidence against their client.

When the arrested person meets with their lawyer, it’s important they are as honest as possible. The lawyer is bound by a confidentiality agreement, so there is little they can say about their client outside of what is necessary to defend their client. When the arrested person is not fully honest with their lawyer, it makes it incredibly difficult for the lawyer to defend them. There may be surprises in the courtroom because of the dishonesty that could jeopardize the entire case. If the person is honest from the start, the lawyer will not be surprised and can prepare for just about anything to happen before the trial or in the courtroom.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with any felony, you are facing serious and lifelong consequences. Take the time to contact a felony lawyer in Lititz, PA as soon as possible so you can get the help you need to minimize these consequences and deal with the arrest properly. Visit the law office of Melissa R. Montgomery today to learn more about what a lawyer can do to help in your specific situation. Visit website for more information!

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