You Need a Professional Process Server in Legal Matters

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Legal Services

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Anyone who is involved in a legal matter should be aware of how a court process server in Toronto, ON, can provide assistance. There are many individuals and firms who can arrange for legal service in your case. They will not only serve the required paperwork on responders and defendants, but can also assist you in locating the other party or parties in your action. Not only do they offer delivery of legal documents, but they can also perform in an investigatory role as well.

An Understanding of Process Serving

In the United States and Canada, legal documents must be served in the proscribed manner in order for them to be effective. If the other party or parties in your action are not served properly, then the court cannot retain jurisdiction over them or hand down a decision. It is vital the service of process is performed correctly and in a timely fashion. An individual or firm who offers process service can be responsible for the delivery of custody petitions, visitation petitions, divorce petitions, court orders, statutory demands, interrogatories, and a myriad of other legal documents.

The Right Firm for You

You need to be certain that your documents are handled and delivered in an appropriate manner. Be sure that the firm you choose is capable of service by way of trained court process servers and that it has the capabilities to effect process when, where, and how you need it. You should make a point of checking to see if the firm employs people who are qualified in an investigatory role as well as having a reputation for getting the job done in the fastest time possible. Any reputable firm will offer you a fixed fee schedule. Select Document Service Inc. has been providing dependable process serving for more than 30 years.

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