Wrap it Up!

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on November, 2017

There are many myths and misconceptions about truck wraps, with inaccuracies in the perceived cost one of the most widely-held. In fact, truck wraps are one of the most cost-effective ways to get your advertising seen by a great number of people! Businesses that have a fleet of commercial vehicles often take advantage of truck wraps to utilize their trucks as a mobile advertising campaign.

Myth: Truck Wraps Are An Expensive Alternative to Paint

A lot of people erroneously believe that many wrap jobs are actually custom paint jobs. Vinyl wraps create the same effect as a paint job at a fraction of the cost and take a lot less time to complete. Wraps are fully customizable and offer eye-catching mobile advertising wherever your team goes.

The vinyl wraps are durable and stand up to the elements without damage or fading. The belief that wraps are easily damaged due to the wear and tear of being on a vehicle is a misconception. In fact, done right, wraps can outlast custom paint jobs and will never require touch-ups.

Myth: Truck Wraps Limit Your Design Options

Another common misconception is that vinyl wraps have limited printing and image options. Nothing could be further from the truth, vinyl wraps are fully customizable and are available with customer-provided company branding and logos. The production team will work with you to create the custom wrap that employs your product’s image and logo and is fully integrated with the company’s brand identity.

Perceived limitations of truck wraps are often myths and misconceptions as they are a flexible, cost-effective, and long-lasting advertising option.

New York Banner Stands is a full-service custom printing outfit that produces vinyl truck wraps in addition to banners and other custom signage. They are a large format production facility with all jobs performed on site. Located in New York City, New York Banner Stands offers a wide range of printed products for companies both large and small.