Window Cleaning: Reasons Why You Should Use Professional Window Cleaners

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on August, 2019

Have you cleaned your windows, but they don’t look quite right? You’ve used commercially prepared cleaning solutions and “green” cleaning solutions. You’ve used sponges and squeegees. What are you doing wrong? Why don’t the windows sparkle like those companies offering residential window cleaning in Suffolk County? This might be why.


Chances are good that you’re using water and a garden hose to rinse off outside windows. While this is the safest way to get those top-floor windows, the type of water you use could be harming the glass. Hard water leaves deposits on everything it touches. Those deposits could be pitting the glass both inside and outside.

Commercial Glass Cleaners

Manufacturers only list on their product labels what the law says they can include in their products. Other ingredients might not be required by law to be included. Thus, you’ve no idea what you’re spraying on your glass. Chemicals are harsh and abrasive. Do you want that on your glass?


If you’ve ever hired a company offering residential window cleaning in Suffolk County, you’ll notice they clean windows in sections. Even if they clean the windows on a bright, sunny day, cleaning them in sections doesn’t allow the sun to evaporate the cleaning fluids. This means no streaks or filmy residue from dried cleaning fluid.


We’ve all done it. We’ve cleaned a window on the inside and it looked polished and beautiful. When we went outside, the same window looked streaky or had a filmy look amid the streaks. Our mistake was not looking at the same window from different angles.

This will take a lot of time you might not have, if you check every window from different angles. You could save yourself the time by calling in the pros. They’ll get it right from every angle.

To learn more about residential window cleaning in Suffolk County, contact Sparkle Window Cleaning Inc. at 516-819-7234 or visit their website.

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