Why You Should Hire a Bee Exterminator in Pittsburgh, PA

by | Apr 7, 2020 | Pest Control

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Are you seeking a bee exterminator in Pittsburgh, PA? The professionals at The Bee Man specialize in both pest and animal removal. Because bees are such a valuable asset to the ecosystem, you should plan on rehoming, rather than killing a nest of bees, if possible. This job certainly calls for a local beekeeping professional.

Why You Should Hire a Bee Exterminator in Pittsburgh, PA

Once they are finished collecting their pollen, bees return to their nest, where all their real work is done. Bees are crucial to the environment and unless you or a family member has allergies to their sting, bees are quite harmless. However, that doesn’t mean you should be happy about dwelling near a bees nest. Bees love to keep busy so they’ll be out flying, doing their busy bee work. This means entertaining can be a drag if a bee’s nest is in close proximity to your dwelling quarters. If you have a bee situation that has become problematic, you should call a beekeeper or a professional bee exterminator in Pittsburgh, PA, to remove the hive safely.

What Can Happen If I Try to Remove a Nest on My Own?

If you’re dealing with a few bees, you can likely rid the problem without contacting a professional bee exterminator in Pittsburgh, PA. However, if you have found the nest and confirmed live activity back and forth to the nest, the situation is likely going to get much worse. Bees can be become quite aggressive when their home is aggravated. Many people contact the assistance of a local beekeeper to safely remove a bee hive and relocate it, rather than exterminate the hive and the bees. If a beekeeper decides he has nowhere to place the hive or if he doesn’t have time for the job, he’ll usually advise you hire a bee exterminator in Pittsburgh, PA.

What Happens to the Bees during Extermination?

When the The Bee Man comes to your home or business, they will treat the bee’s home with a pesticide. This will kill all living bees. The bee exterminator will need to return several times to make sure the job is done. There may be new pupa coming from the nest for many weeks so the job is somewhat continuous and can be costly. There is simply no other way to treat a bee infestation, unless you can enlist the services of a beekeeper.

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