Why You Need Trench Box Systems

Posted by Timothy Harvard on September, 2018

If you are a building contractor or in the excavation business, you may have a lot of excavation to do some days, including channels and trenches. In fact, in many parts of the country, trenches can easily collapse and destroy all the hard work you have done. This can present a dangerous situation if people work in trenches and a good trench box system is highly beneficial. Here are some reasons to invest in this equipment.

Keeping Trenches Safe and Clear

When you dig a large channel in the ground, you never know what can happen. For example, in clay ground, the channels stay intact, but they can collapse when the earth is wet or if you are using heavy equipment nearby. Sandy soil can easily collapse for no reason. A trench box is a steel or aluminum shield designed to fit inside trenches. This gives workers plenty of protection as they do their jobs.

Benefits of Trench Shields

The most important benefit of trench or channel shields is ensuring worker safety. While they are inside the channel, they do not have to worry about soil collapsing. However, there are other reasons to consider this kind of equipment.

Without proper protection in place, workers may have to hurry to get done before problems develop. This can create shoddy work because people are more concerned about safety than doing a good job. With a sturdy trench box system, your workers can take the time they need to do things right, and most municipalities have specific regulations concerning trench work.


You could build trenches with lumber and other materials. However, it may take a great deal of time to build these shields, and when done, you must take them apart. It is easier to set a trench shield system in place with a crane or other equipment and then remove it when finished.

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