Why Use Filters on Snapchat?

by | Sep 12, 2016 | Computers

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If you are new to Snapchat or are not really sure why you should use Filters on Snapchat than you need to read on. Snapchat is the latest social media craze. Over sixty million people worldwide are using snapchat to keep in touch with friends and family, market their business, and spread the word about events and to generally reach a wide audience of viewers. This messaging app is a popular way to disseminate information about you, your business and what you are up to.

What are Filters?

Filters are a visual overlay that you can add to your photo or video message. They enhance the message with additional information like geo location, time stamps, fun add on’s and other information.

What Do Filters Do?

Filters are a way to send images and videos that are enhanced. There are plenty of filters to choose from that add a little pizazz to your snaps. Filters are a part of the magic of snapchat. With snaps your message can only be viewed for seconds but when you choose the story feature your snap can stay around for 24 hours. Adding a filter to a story, especially for an event, can ensure that your group gets the information.

Filters can:

  • Provide additional information
  • Allow people to learn more about an event
  • Be a vital marketing tool

If you are using Filters on Snapchat for marketing purposes the right filters can really take your snaps up to the next level and give your audience the information you want to get across. Filters can help you to disseminate more information about your event or occasion. They are a great way to remind people about your event. They can give people location information that they need. They can be a vital marketing tool for a wide range of businesses. Let Geo-filter help you to create great filters!

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