Why to Choose Large Format Printing

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on March, 2017

The large amount of different printing and display stands available offer many exciting options for marketing and trade shows. Large format printing offers large sized printed banners and other products that can make all the difference to an advertising campaign.

1. Diversity

Graphics Arts Magazine lists three different types of large format printing; technical for documents and blueprints, production for signs, posters, and trade show banners, and large format creative printing for photography and fine art. This means that it has a lot of diversity and multiple different projects that it can be used for. It can also print on a large variety of materials from glass to wood, meaning advertisements can be placed practically anywhere.

2. Advertising

People react strongly to printed material, especially large banners or pictures that can be viewed from a distance and get their message across in an instant. Foto Club says, for example, that it is useful for photographers to have large prints of their work to display to clients and demonstrate their skills.

3. Marketing Options

Any marketing professional will tell you that the secret is to use as many marketing methods as you can as often as you can in order to spread your message. Printing options are diverse enough to provide this marketing at all times, such as through vehicle graphics, outdoor banners, and wallpaper style advertisements.

4. Environmentally Friendly

It may not seem like it, but printing larger advertisements are actually much more environmentally friendly than regular printing. Not only does the technology use sustainable methods but printing a single large scale banner can produce a lot more business than printing thousands of smaller fliers.

Printing larger advertisements and banners is ideal not only for marketing but for building brand identity at a trade show or exhibition. It is highly effective, environmentally friendly, attractive, cost saving, and has a multitude of uses.