Why Mini-Split Heat Pumps Are The Way To Go For Home owners Who Value Comfort and Efficiency

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on September, 2015

When the time arrives for a home owner to replace the current heating system, there are a plethora of considerations they’ll need to think about. One of those considerations is whether they’d like to go with a traditional heating option or switch to something more modern. Home owners in the midst of making this decision need to know that more modern options, like heat pumps, that run on mini-split technology can offer serious advantages to the household. For those who are unfamiliar with what these systems can do, here are three ways they can benefit home owners:

1. One of the best things about mini-split heat pumps is that they are much more energy efficient than traditional heating systems. Because there is no ductwork required to run these systems, the leakage problems that often plagues air duct systems are essentially eliminated. In addition, the fact those who live in the home can heat their particular room or section of the home without having to turn on the heat in unoccupied parts can save a household from wasting energy. These two advantages mean high-efficiency ratings for mini-split systems, which can translate to significant energy savings for home owners.

2. Home owners may not realize that mini-split heat pumps also contribute to the improvement of the home’s indoor air quality. This is because the ductwork required for traditional systems often collects mold, dust, and debris. When these systems are turned on, these harmful things are then distributed through the home to be breathed in by the residents. Mini-split systems don’t have this problem because there are no ducts to worry about.

3. Heat pumps that work on mini-split technology can also lead to increased comfort for everyone in the household. With traditional forced-air systems, everyone in the household is subject to the same temperature whenever the system is turned on, and this can be a real issue for multiple people with different comfort preferences. A mini-split system can help home owners keep everyone happy by allowing them to control the heating in the particular room they occupy.

Mini-split heating systems are a wonderful addition to any home because they offer the flexibility and efficiency that traditional systems simply cannot. Visit Burgesons.com to learn more about all of the ways a heat pump using mini-split technology can bring greater peace and comfort to a household.

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