Why landscaping is important when selling your home

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on November, 2016

Now that your home is for sale, you may think that you don’t need to worry much about small details like mowing the lawn, weeding the garden or raking your leaves; however, the opposite is true. In fact, a custom landscape design in Charlotte NC can help you get top dollar for your home and can set your home apart from your competition down the street. Don’t think of this customization as an expense; think of it as an investment.

Front Lawn and Walkway
Your front lawn should be manicured; that is, mowed, raked and green. A brown, spotty lawn that has bare spots or looks like a jungle will not get you any potential buyers. Remember that your front lawn is the first thing that people see. If your front lawn and walkway look neglected, they will assume that the interior is in the same condition. If you’re moving in the winter months, your walkway should be cleared and well-salted so there is no chance of slipping and falling.

Your garden doesn’t have to win any awards, but it should be in good condition, with a combination of annuals and perennials. In winter, any shrubs or plants should be wrapped tightly and protected. This gives potential buyers the confidence that the garden and other landscaping will come back up in the spring, with minimal damage from the cold conditions of winter.

If you have patio planters or small plants surrounding your deck, they should be in good condition, depending on the time of year.

A custom landscaping design in Charlotte NC can help your home look its best so that potential buyers can envision living there, surrounded by gardens and lawns that are perfectly manicured. Curb appeal is critically important when you’re selling your home and can set your house apart from all of the rest in your neighborhood that are for sale.

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