Why Incident Reporting in Healthcare is Beneficial for Patients and Staff

Incident reporting in healthcare is necessary when there is an adverse event, such as a patient injury, medical error or equipment malfunction that results in harm. It is also beneficial when there is the potential for someone to get hurt. That someone can be a member of the healthcare team. Reporting an injury is not for the sole purpose of holding someone responsible for what has happened. It is also to mitigate future issues because people are imperfect and make mistakes in the healthcare industry. Reporting helps to ensure the implementation of necessary changes.

Identifying Training Needs

Incident reporting in healthcare can help identify the training needs of staff. Since the perspective of some personnel is that incident reporting is for disciplinary purposes, it’s best to shift the culture so that everyone understands the value of reporting. All members of a healthcare team must be committed to professional growth. Reporting can pinpoint where change is needed. It is a way to achieve the mission of providing patient-centered care while also supporting healthcare teams.

Improving Work Conditions

It is hard to improve work conditions without knowing what needs to change. Incident reporting opens the door to examining the problem and finding a solution. Staff who engage with patients regularly often identify inefficiencies in healthcare environments. The insight they provide when an incident occurs can transform operations and save lives down the road by improving working conditions.

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