Why Dining in Springfield is Now More Enjoyable Than Ever Before Why Dining in Springfield is Now More Enjoyable Than Ever Before

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on March, 2020

The classic diner is a setting that everyone is familiar with. There’s nothing better than sitting down in a comfortable diner with those padded chairs and booths they have become so famous for having. There’s also nothing better than getting a delicious milkshake in Springfield, MO, from one of these classic diners which always supply an experience that’s sure to please.

When you go to a ’50s style diner today, you are certainly in for a treat no matter where you are in the world. When you go to a diner in Springfield though, you are served all your favorite classic treats, like melt in your mouth cheeseburgers, but these cheeseburgers come with a unique twist. Rather than the simple cheeseburger you are used to getting, you will get a very filling steak burger with tons of fresh vegetables piled on high. Combine that with a chocolate milkshake in Springfield, MO, and even some golden French fries, and you really got yourself a treat.

What makes these modern establishments so special though is the fact that they also provide their patrons with endless entertainment. If you remember the original ’50s diners of old, then you also certainly remember the vital role the jukebox used to play in these establishments. To continue with this tradition of perfectly blending modern American cuisines with music, some cafes are now offering live entertainment. In this way, you can enjoy the dillies of your favorite country music artists while savoring the delights of a freshly prepared steak burger. To get yours today, head on over to Jackie B. Goode’s Uptown Cafe and Dinner Theater.

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