Why Dental Implants Are Becoming Increasingly Popular In Glenview

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on January, 2017

People should enjoy laughing and smiling, as well as eating. However, those who have lost teeth may be self-conscious about their smiles. While it may not seem common, missing teeth has become a serious and common situation for many adults. Whether through trauma because of an accident, or because of some other reason, your missing teeth could be leaving you with nothing to smile about. Likewise, there are medical reasons to consider dental implants in Glenview, including bite problems, jaw stress, and gum disease.

Your Options

While those with missing teeth or those that need to be replaced, you’ve got three primary options, including dentures, bridges, or an implant. While dentures and bridges used to be the go-to choice for tooth loss, modern technology makes it possible to implant a fake tooth that looks as real as your natural teeth.

No Gel/Cream

With traditional dentures, you must use creams or gels to adhere the device onto your gums. This can be time-consuming, messy, and produce a gag reflex in some individuals. With dental implants in Glenview, the implant is attached to your jaw bone with the use of titanium posts. The bones can grow around the post, connecting it to the rest of your mouth, ensuring that the implant is a permanent fixture.

No Resting On The Gum

Dentures must sit on top of the gums, which causes friction and pain, as they can rub against your gums. For many individuals, their dentures won’t be well-fitting, no matter which dentist they choose. Likewise, you may require the use of adhesives, and some people may be allergic or have an adverse reaction to them, but an implant is different. The post is surgically placed into the gum, and the fake tooth is screwed onto that, so you won’t have the same problems.

Dental implants in Glenview could be the best option for you, especially if you don’t want to use adhesives and special cleansers. Visit South Loop Dental Specialists now for more information. Like us on our facebook page.

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