Why Decorated Flooring is Often the First Choice

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on September, 2016

While many people don’t take much consideration towards their flooring, the truth is that it is one of the first aspects of a building that a customer or visitor will notice when entering. As such, there are few choices better than a decorative epoxy coating, as it offers the following benefits, as well as many more.

A Beautiful Blend of Aesthetics and Functionality

Epoxy coated decorative flooring is an ideal choice for almost any business. Whether you run a factory, a nail salon or a nightclub, these types of surfaces are not only aesthetically appealing, but also carry a wide array of other benefits. And because the hard resin is resistant to scratches and many other forms of damage, you can rely on its durability and enjoy low maintenance as well.

Highly Resistant and Hygienic

As shown on Lifehack, resin surfaces are also a fantastic choice within an industrial or warehouse setting. In such places, concrete could easily become damaged, stained or affected by chemicals, impacts and other common types of harm. However, epoxy is highly resistant to these kinds of damages, ensuring that it will not only maintain its quality for a long time, but will also keep its aesthetic appeal.

Low to Moderate Cost

When compared to other options, this style is relatively inexpensive, since the most labor-intensive parts simply involve applying the resin and smoothing out the colored quartz granules evenly. Even the costs of maintaining it are minimal, as slight scratches and damages can easily be refilled and will dry within a day or so at most.

If you are eager to uplift your home or business with a fresh new surface that not only looks great, but is also highly durable, then coated epoxy flooring should be your first choice. For more personalized details, contact a professional company like Dex-o-Tex today.