Why Custom Framing?

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on May, 2017

Let’s say you just bought a new piece of art or have an old family heirloom you want to preserve and display in your West Palm Beach home or office. Custom framing is really the best way to help you showcase and protect special items and artifacts. The difference between custom framing and purchasing pre-made or do-it-yourself framing kits is that these options rarely fit the needs of the project. This is especially true for unique or one-of-a-kind items. Custom framing in West Palm Beach, FL offers several benefits, including:

  1. Long term preservation and protection of the item or artwork. Custom framing is like insurance for an art object, special award, or artifact. There is really no other way to ensure that an item remains safe from light, heat, humidity, and accidents other than to protect it in a special case – and that is exactly what a custom frame is. The frame is aesthetically pleasing, of course, but it is also designed to be sturdy and long lasting so that your piece is protected. People in West Palm Beach who are afraid that custom framing will be expensive are often surprised to find out how affordable it is, especially when they consider the actual value of the item and how important it is to prevent that item from being damaged or losing value.
  2. The ability to frame three-dimensional objects or awkward pieces. Custom framing is the only way to properly showcase and preserve items that are not flat or standard in size. You might not need custom framing for every item you want to put on display, so you can always ask a professional framer for advice and the options that are best suited to the project.
  3. Framing that fits the piece and the space. Custom framing gives options for color, material, and style. The frame is more important than people think, as the wrong style or shape of frame can detract from the beauty of the item or clash with other objects in the room.
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