Why Contractors Are Getting Requests for Tin Ceiling Installation in Long Island, NY

by | Jan 3, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

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The metal ceilings on many historic New York homes are some of their most beautiful features. Tin Ceiling Installation in Long Island NY originally became trendy when homeowners wanted to replicate ornate European decorating styles without the huge expense. Then as now, metal ceiling materials consisted of embossed and painted tiles that could be ordered in a range of designs. Today contractors like Abingdon Construction are see a growing demand for the elegant tiles, often because of their many benefits. Tin ceilings are elegant, require little care and increase home values.

Tin Ceiling Tiles Are Gorgeous

Metal ceilings are far more striking than traditional b finishes and can be ordered in a wide range of patterns. Contractors also offer a variety of finishes that include brass, copper and chrome-plated options. Clients can choose from patterns that include art deco, colonial, Victorian and gothic. Homeowners who want a more traditional look may opt for pre-painted white tiles or order custom styles. Professionals who provide Tin Ceiling Installation in Long Island NY finish projects to customers’ exact specifications, so each project has a personal look.

Metal Ceilings Are Low Maintenance

Homeowners also choose metal ceilings when they want easy-care finishes. Metal tiles are moisture resistant and not affected by mold or mildew. They do not crack the way most ceiling materials do. In fact, many clients have copper or tin ceiling tiles installed in order to cover existing ceiling damage. Metal ceilings can be kept beautiful for decades with simple dusting. It is easy to paint over tiles if homeowners want to change decorating themes.

Installing Metal Tiles Increases Home Values

Elegant, durable metal ceilings add to home values. Installing metal ceilings often allows sellers to increase their asking prices because many house hunters are attracted to the beautiful and interesting materials. Metal tiles add value because they do not rot or degrade over time and, in fact, can strengthen existing ceilings. They are also fire-resistant, which makes homes safer.

Historic metal ceilings are trendy again, primarily because of their beauty. Homeowners also install tin, copper and metal ceiling tiles in order to reduce home maintenance. In addition, metal ceilings strengthen building materials, are fire resistant and cannot be damaged by moisture.

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