Why Choose Satellite Internet Solutions?

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Computers

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Businesses, companies, and corporations can be located in all areas of the world. In some countries and in specific geographic locations, finding internet solutions may not be as simple as choosing from a list of providers. In these more remote locations or in countries where internet infrastructure is still developing, satellite internet solutions can provide a top-quality connection with the capacity to grow with your business needs.

Internet Anywhere

There are options in satellite internet solutions to allow for virtually all areas of the globe, including on land as well as over water, to have internet access and connectivity. This can be offered by different providers as high-speed broadband connections with all the features and the capabilities of those services offered in larger centers.

There is also the use of VSAT or Very-small-aperture terminal services. This offers an ideal connection for marine applications or for use in remote areas, even with challenging environmental conditions.

Companies offering a choice of different bands, include Ku-band and C-Band, providing up to 99.5% availability on a global level. With options to customise the needs of the system to meet the requirements of the business, satellite becomes a very effective solution. With high uptime, a business can stay productive and in touch with customers and suppliers, even when located outside of the range of terrestrial types of internet networks and services.

Cost Factor

With customised satellite internet solutions, companies can manage their internet budget to suit their requirements. Keep in mind; these systems can be used to support VoIP phone systems, cloud-based computing technology, and large data transfers, which can and will reduce the costs of other areas of the operation.

While satellite internet does require specialised equipment, top companies will provide installation as well as technical support and on-site training, which is an essential consideration for any businesses in remote locations.

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